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Kitsune brennan bottes christian louboutin soldes My favorite song:Hmmmi would have to say an die freude;Both schiller's version and the original.But, aside from that, my favorite band is either three days grace or siouxie and the banshees.Sigh.Ah, well, let me know of any good hits.Send me a comment or mail or something. ) Favorite clothes:Gloves!I don't know why, but i can't go anywhere without them. (Which may explain why they're so worn? ) I am female, and louboutinchaussures i have white hair. (I don't know why, but my red hair became white very quickly when i was younger.They think it was premature aging. (The other young persons called me granny!Sniff) Occupation:Well, okay, i'm not fully certified to be much yet, buti have written books and small plays. I am goth.If i go to the mall i'll probably be stared at, even though it's nothing real new to me.I don't dress all Click to enter website in black.I like red and green, too, but i think yellow's out.People should stop plutoing goths, and stereotyping. My jacket:I wear one jacket everywhere i go, almost all the time.It's red, but it is also reversable to grayOrsomething.All those who see me everyday yell at me for it, saying bull like,"It's too hot! "Or"It's dirty! "But i wash it every week!And then, sometimes, i'll wear a nice green hoodie. I like to make stuff.Writing, music, poems, drawing, whatever.I thought that the article on"How to make a magic wand"Was helpful, because it gave me something to do when i was dead bored and christian louboutin homme also acted as a prop when i played the old witch for a hansel and gretel ripoff play. (I couldn't be the young witch!Besides, they nominate me to be a witch every time we do a play for the young audiences.

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